Pauline Rohdich

Rapid Transformational Therapist & Life Coach

Pauline Rohdich is a Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Chopra Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid therapy, developed by the highly acclaimed and celebrated Marisa Peer combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapies.  Pauline trained with Marisa, live in London and continues to study under her with on-going training & development.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is unquestionably the most effective method in getting to the root cause of a client’s pain and ending it permanently. Many psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors are equally being trained in this method to better meet the needs of their patients and deliver rapid change.

It is an extremely dynamic, fast and effective therapy which is designed to uncover the root cause of a clients issue or issues and aims to deliver permanent change in a SINGLE 90 minute session.  Although some clients and some issues will need up to three sessions.

RTT has exceptionally high success rates in treating weight loss, depression, anxiety, confidence, low self-esteem and seen incredible results for infertility, chronic pain, insomnia, addictions and phobias.


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“Three Things Cannot Be Long Hidden, The Sun, The Moon and The Truth” – Buddha

Pauline exudes enthusiasm to encourage you to live a Self-assured, Self-actualized and Self-empowered life. In short, she believes her life’s purpose is to help you to find yours, so that you can –

“ Be Who You Were Born To Be! “

And…… It’s never too early or too late to make this a reality.

She works with people at different stages of their spiritual and personal development. Some clients are running their own businesses, while others are on a variety of career paths and there are those who are somewhere in between, not sure what’s next.  What is common to all concerned is the realization that their respective roles will be enhanced by learning how to know themselves more and to manage this new information so that they make decisions and choices more consciously, assuring better and clearer results.

Many of Pauline’s clients have become lost within themselves, feeling directionless and are searching for that “Special Something” or a deeper meaning. They each have a huge desire for fulfillment and the need to do purposeful work.

This is when Pauline gets really excited as she guides each client with a special understanding of the powerful place each one is in, at this stage of discovery and how close they are to living their full potential.

  • I began life coaching with Pauline shortly after I had my first baby. At the time I remember telling her that I was in such a good place but really there was no way that I was. Pauline so compassionately and kindly walked me through my worries and concerns with a view to creating a different future.

    She helped me to see that I could make changes in my life and I began to look at how I could implement those changes quite effortlessly. I learned that just because things have happened in the past, it doesn’t mean I have to stop moving forward.

    I still read over our sessions together and hold the work that we did in my heart.

    Pauline is kind, warm but firm when necessary. She is full of enthusiasm and optimism and supports your every move.

    If you want to overcome any difficulties, look no further… Pauline is the person.

    I feel lucky to have done that work with her.

  • Pauline is THE most positive person I have ever met…even if I’m not doing any of Pauline’s classes or treatments I love to bump into her as she just radiates a readiness for life and I always walk away after our conversations much more positive and calmer as a result of her presence. Pauline’s enthusiasm is catching in all areas of mind body and life. I really don’t know anyone else like her and I’m blessed truly to have met Pauline who has been so beneficial in areas of my life.

  • Pauline was recommended to me by a friend as I had been through a series of stressful situations and was stuck in a rut. I had started working for myself and I was under pressure, balancing time for family, work and myself. I was also handling unprocessed grief from the loss of my baby girl, eight years previously. Pauline helped to calm me down and to take a fresh look at my thoughts and beliefs. She really helped to get me out of head and into my body to make better decisions. Since, my coaching with Pauline, I have stopped smoking, lost 10lbs, completed my grief in the most beautiful, respectful and spiritual way. I have let go of negative people and situations almost overnight. I feel calm and relaxed with less pressure. As a result of working with Pauline, I feel a greater sense of freedom. There was no trying to change, Under Pauline’s dedicated guidance and assistance I found my inner guidance and remembered what it was to simply be me. Pauline brought me home, she brought me back to me, back to life.

  • I met Pauline many years ago and She has been a part of my life ever since. Pauline exudes charisma, energy, positive love and energy. She is a force to be reckoned with. Her vision and talent work hand in hand with all that She has achieved to date and to see her following her dreams and goals without hesitation gives all of us the courage to follow our dreams too. From business woman, wife, mother and friend, Pauline has something to offer everyone, She is a lady full of knowledge and experience and is willing to share. For anyone that has the pleasure of knowing Pauline, you too will have a friend or supporter for life. Pauline, like me, believes in supporting each other in a greater goal, to help each other grow and strive in this life. I will follow Pauline’s journey with awe and excitement for all that she is going to offer the world. I hope you will have the pleasure of meeting Pauline and allowing her to share her love and energy with you.

    Sharon Fitzmaurice – Awaken Your Potential
  • I had the pleasure of being coached by Pauline Rohdich in the summer of 2015. I can honestly say that the coaching sessions were a turning point for me. I was struggling with weight loss and hoping to change career.
    Pauline worked closely with me on both fronts and I have since joined a gym and am looking better than I have done in years. Shortly after our sessions I went for an interview and I now have my dream job! I am so grateful to Pauline for all her help and support.